Drawing from over 35 years of experience in clinical practice, administration and health system innovation, Dr. Brad Stuart has given hundreds of presentations across the US and internationally. His engaging, informative and inspiring manner has gained praise and positive reviews from all his audiences.

Dr. Stuart is convinced that we are entering a period of great challenge and great opportunity. Cultural, financial and even spiritual forces are converging to force a fundamental restructuring of our health care system. The “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers aging into Medicare is driving this revolution, both because their sheer numbers will make the current system unsustainable and because the Boomers will harness the political system to demand better services as they age.

In response to these pressures, advanced care has become a real movement for positive change, and Dr. Stuart is a leading voice in this movement. He is available to speak on these and other topics:

  • Advanced Care: Promoting Dignity, Choice and Responsibility
  • Healing vs. Curing: A New Approach to Care of Advanced Illness
  • Rx for Advanced Illness: Let’s Provide Real Health Care
  • We Can Have It All: Better Care, Lower Costs
  • People or Patients: The Anatomy of Person-Centered Care