ACIStrategies provides comprehensive project support from planning and development through implementation to evaluation and reporting. We engage with our partners to design, manage and hardwire organizational change. Our operational and business analytics ensure sustainability and promote robust funding and policy strategies.

ACIStrategies employs evidence-based best practices to meet and exceed clinical and financial objectives. We create systems to:

  • Target the high-risk, high-cost population
  • Develop comprehensive transitional and postacute care
  • Furnish interdisciplinary high-impact personalized care encounters
  • Field state-of-the-art telemanagement
  • Engage the personal physician
  • Provide evidence-based education
  • Ensure strong medication reconciliation and management
  • Promote real-time communication across settings
  • Support families and caregivers
  • Extend palliative care into the community
  • Establish reliable and efficient handoff processes between teams
  • Optimize electronic medical record or care management systems
  • Monitor cost and quality outcomes and conduct continuous improvement
  • Calculate ROI in fee-for-service and shared risk/shared savings

The product is a unified care management system that seamlessly integrates all major care settings, leverages increasingly scarce physician resources, optimizes personal choice, and as a fortunate byproduct, makes care more affordable.

While advanced care is characterized by a set of defined attributes, its design and implementation are flexible, customized to the care environment of our partner organizations. ACIStrategies uses evidence-based best practices to formulate care management strategies suited to the unique strengths and strategic priorities of our partners. We engage through both one-to-one and one-to-many relationships, providing either time-limited or ongoing support as needed.