ABOUT ACIStrategies



Together with our provider, health plan and community partners, we will create a new standard of excellence across the United States for advanced illness care that is safe, humane and affordable.

WHAT IS ACIStrategies?

bigstock-Nursing-Home-44125660American health care is evolving rapidly toward accountability for clinical and financial outcomes. The best way to measurably increase quality and choice, and to make healthcare more affordable overall, is to specifically redesign care for the 5 percent of the population that accounts for 50% of costs, and whose preferences are not currently being followed: those with advanced chronic illness.

ACIStrategies provides strategic advice on all stages of delivery system redesign including vision, planning, implementation, evaluation and sustainability. We have the operational and analytic expertise to help health plans and providers lead the way toward truly accountable care for the advanced illness population. Our proven methods prepare health care organizations to:

  • Create a Continuum of Care: Integrate inpatient, postacute, ambulatory, home and community settings
  • Promote Clinical Integration: Coordinate workflow of hospitals, medical groups, home health, hospice and community agencies
  • Mitigate Workforce Challenges: Leverage scarce physician time and expertise through an interdisciplinary team approach
  • Manage the High-Risk, High-Cost Population: Improve outcomes for the growing population with advanced chronic illness
  • Reduce Operational Costs: Reduce readmissions, ICU days and inpatient LOS by following patient preference
  • Transition to Shared Risk/Shared Savings: Establish the payment model and calculate ROI through rigorous financial analysis


Brand and KhueWith over 45 years of combined experience in healthcare practice, administration and program development, we felt a new approach was needed to care for our sickest and most vulnerable citizens. We led the design and implementation of Advanced Illness Management (AIM)® at one of the ten largest not-for-profit health systems in the US. The AIM rollout, a $35 million project partially funded in 2010 by the largest first-round Health Care Innovation Award from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), reduced hospital admission rates by 63 percent and ICU days by 80 percent, with associated savings of over $2500 per program enrollee per month of enrollment. These savings were achieved not by cutting services, but by promoting dignity, choice and responsibility among patients, families, providers and the community. In fact, satisfaction levels for patients, caregivers, and physicians were among the highest in the system. With ACIStrategies we’re leveraging this experience and expertise into a national movement to improve care, increase satisfaction and reduce costs in advanced illness.

That’s the how. Here’s the why. We believe that better care for people with advanced illness is not an option, it’s a necessity. We’ve seen too many cases where a seriously ill person underwent treatment that was not really “care”. And the pressure to “do everything” did not prolong life, but instead may have shortened it, and certainly caused more suffering. And we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of good advanced illness management – benefits to people who are ill, their loved ones, their caregivers, their communities, and also their doctors and nurses. Beyond that, we’ve seen benefits to the system itself as care becomes more integrated, waste is reduced, and medical culture becomes more thoughtful and compassionate. We believe that now is the time to make this kind of care available to more people, hospital by hospital, office by office, and system by system.